Three Effective Ways to Pick Yourself Up When Your Day Starts Badly


We all know this kind of morning: you wake up, start to get in to the day, and something negative happens almost immediately. The car won’t start, your alarm didn’t go off, or some other frustrating event(s) occur. As you make an attempt to shake off the discouraging start to the day, things continue to go wrong, and you are just about ready to crawl back in to bed.

Does the above description sound familiar? Nearly everyone experiences days like these with some regularity. Starting your day with a sequence of things going wrong is enough to put even the most resilient of individuals in a sour mood.

So why not just allow yourself to be in a bad mood, get through the day, and start over the following day? There are a few good reasons not to approach a poor start to your day in this way. First, your mood impacts the mood of those around you. Negativity and positivity alike are contagious, so you need to be courteous to others. Second, why allow yourself to suffer through the day when you can leverage strategies to turn things around? Don’t have a bad day when it isn’t needed.

Next time you find your day starting off with an aggravating series of events, utilize these three suggestions for picking yourself up:

Make peace with less-than-awesome days
This is quite different than allowing yourself to sulk in the events of the day. Far from it, in fact. Making peace with the less-than-awesomeness of the day is more of a sincere, well-meaning adjustment of your expectations. It is an acknowledgement of being ok with the flow of life. Some days will be amazing, some will be average, and some will be downright awful. Consciously getting comfortable with the dynamic nature of life will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief. It allows you to be ok with the uncomfortable things that happen, and expect life to be less than perfect. You can acknowledge that while today isn’t great, there will be a day coming up that will be wonderful.

Schedule time to do something you really love
Think of the things you love to do that you only reserve for special occasions. Maybe it’s a bubble bath, wine, and a favorite book. Or allowing yourself to indulge in an extra long yoga class, followed by a long walk in your favorite location. Fight the struggles of the day by intentionally scheduling time to do something you absolutely adore. If you don’t have much time at any point in your day, do something small, but wonderfully exciting. Make it impossible to feel less than fabulous in those moments of doing what you love.

Be extra kind to others
Treating others with kindness is an amazing way to turn your day around. By making it a point to show love, respect, and extra care to those around you, not only will the person you are interacting with benefit, but you will feel positive feelings as well. Remember what I said earlier? Positivity, much like negativity, is also contagious. Spread those smiles, kind words, and happiness!